Inspired by the functionality of military wear from the 1940s to the 1960s and workwear worn by laborers in the United States and Europe in the 1900s, THE H.W. DOG & CO. is a hat brand that produces the highest quality hats based on their philosophy of  blending “mature gentleman-like styles” and a “playful dog-like spirit.”


Natural vegetable-tanned leather has been used for this line of items. All of the products are made using top quality cowhide manufactured by hand with traditional techniques. Each process, starting from creating the final designs to selecting the wallpaper, cutting and stitching the fabrics to polishing the leather, is done by an experienced craftsman. The leather items, which age beautifully the more they are worn, will transform into a one-of-a-kind piece that is engraved in the history of its owner.


Based on the concept of “coloring up a story”, Okayama-based factory brand PALLET LIFE STORY
utilizes traditional manufacturing methods passed down through generations and adds new “colors” to their products, which are full of originality.


The brand name REED signifies the item used to push the weft yarn securely into place as it is woven. The owner, who makes his own reeds that are essential for weaving in the denim town of Ibara, Okayama, started the brand with the concept of making his own fabrics and garments using his owl original tools.


Owner and designer Pablo Riki has long been a fan of American music from the 1920s to 1950s.
His brand, THE GROOVIN HIGH, produces clothing designs that are inspired by the fashion that existed among previous music scenes, and continues to release items that were created by traditional American culture. 


Based out of Kojima, Okayama, the mecca of Japanese denim, ETERNAL is known primarily for their collection of denim garments. In addition to their original fabrics and stitching techniques, their washing techniques are top-notch. With their realistic fades and remake processing techniques, the brand boasts a lineup of denim filled with authentic craftsmanship that you can only see in Kojima.


Redmoon is a leather brand founded by Keiichiro Goto in 1993 based on the concept of “evolving basics.” The production is handled by a single craftsman, and the brand has established a position as one of the top leather wallet brands in Japan due to their passion for leather products.


Based on the concept of “travel tools”, vasco primarily produces vintage-style bags and leather accessories. Each individual item is carefully manufactured by experienced craftsmen, who carry out all manufacturing processes from creating patterns to stitching and adding the finishing touches. In addition to their textures and depth, each item is made with high quality techniques and generate a unique aura.


PRORASO is a specialty shaving brand that was founded in Florence, Italy in 1948. Their wide range of items made by blending together natural components, are suitable for various skin types and are highly popular among barbershops and gentlemen from around the world.

Doodle 50 

Using an old sewing machine called the handle sewing machine, Doodle50 produces chain-stitched patches and banners. They also offer a variety of goods featuring chic graphic designs.


BLACKSMITH. CO is a furniture brand founded by blacksmith and metal sculptor, 238c. Based on the theme, “HANDMADE” and “ONE OF A KIND,” the brand blends traditional Japanese hammering and forging techniques with American and European industrial styles from the late 19th century to the early 20th century to offer their own unique take on industrial style furniture.

Rolling dub trio 

Rolling dub Trio is a boot brand that was created by designer Masaya Tokunaga in 2007. After becoming interested in shoe making while in university, he began teaching himself the craft. His boots, which are made with his personal motto of “without creativity and the ability to think about the person wearing the shoes, high quality shoes cannot be created”, are designed to fit the feet shapes of Japanese people and have been applauded for their extreme comfort. After doing extensive research on the weak points of boots, he has carefully selected everything from the materials, original molds, and designs to create the perfect pair. One of the main aspects of the Rolling dub Trio’s boots is their trademark “Made in Japan” quality.


THE FACTORY MADE is a hat brand that produces hats based on the concept of “denim and navy.” Using high quality Japanese denim fabrics to produce their beautiful navy colored hats, every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the stitching to the washing and processing of the fabrics, is done by hand domestically with the help of Okayama-based craftsmen in the brand's own factory.


AND SOX is known their beautiful socks handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in Nara, the birthplace of Japanese socks, and incorporating stylish elements to them. Their socks are not only stylish items, but are made with a heavy emphasis on the materials and quality, adding a new innovative approach to socks as a fashion accessory.


Hat brand STETSON was founded in Philadelphia John B. Stetson in 1865. Since the inception of the brand, they have continued to place a heavy emphasis on versatility and originality and offer a true American spirit in their hat designs. The brand is widely loved by cowboys and hat lovers alike.

Sturdy Luggage Supply

Sturdy Luggage Supply's products are inspired by heavy-duty American style leather items. Everything from selecting the materials to stitching and maintaining the items is completed by hand in the brand's own factory. In addition to their own original vintage processing, the products combine concepts such as versatility, ruggedness and unique designs.


Inspired by British motorcycles from the 1920s to the 1970s, ADDICT CLOTHES JAPAN creates modern yet refined products that blend vintage roots. The brand primarily carries leather jackets, waxed cotton jackets, leather boots, and their original custom-made leather original waxed cotton fabrics are especially popular among fans.