It was 10 years that Tenjin Works started using the natural vegetable tanned leather as a material. Over a period of one month or more are needed for 20 leather tanning processes. Their craftsmen are responsible for pattern making, cutting, sewing, and polishing. All those jacket making processes are made by hand, which gives special “crafty” look and feel. The lineup is ranging from small accessories to their well-known vegetable tanned leather jackets. The texture and the colour of leather changes beautifully, often giving the patina look. It will change to the one and only items and it is like history is engraved into you.


Clothing from the great period of old America featured garments that were unique and unlike anything from another country or era. Timeless and coveted pieces in fashion have lineage to this time and history. The Real McCoy’s have invested their passion and knowledge into recreating the finest garments from the past. Fabrics are primarily custom developed to replicate and improve the original vintage pieces, in order to derive the best quality manageable in contemporary times.


Irving Schott and his brother Jack Schott started raincoat store in the East Broadway NY in 1913. They developed a riders jacket, which used a zip fastener in 1928 and named it the “Perfecto” after Ervin’s favorite Cuban cigar. From there the company formalized their design and placed a single star on the epaulets which became the iconic “one star” jacket that many have speculated was worn by Marlon Brando in the film The Wild One. After that it was Schott jacket that came to symbolize youthful rebellion, which was endorsed by rock stars and renegades of all kinds. Today Schott still produces the Perfecto and has built a new and exciting collection around it for 2016/17.


During the 1930s, motorcycle companies prospered, as people were eager to find the best gear on the market. In the midst of this, Joseph Buegeleisen started his own company Buco, producing quality motorcycle gear and accessories in Detroit, Michigan. From the 1950s to the 1960s, Buco made their now legendary J-24 and J-100 jacket. When the biker movement began to fade in the 1970s, so did the company. The Real McCoy’s have worked to make these pieces come to life once again, keeping the same characteristic and traits alive.


The meaning of the sun motif of FIRST ARROW’S is to get strength by putting on. The “arrow” means , and is hoped for showing you the right direction, towards good luck. Their products are generally based on the Native American style, but the most important thing is to design something that they truly desire. Their production process are carried out by hand, carefully, boldly, delicately without any compromise in their atelier. In order to offer products that last for good, all their products has a lifetime warranty.

pure blue japan

pure blue japan was established in Kurashiki, Oyakama in 1977. Like the name of their brand implies, their products are created based on their love for the “pure blue” colors produced by natural indigo. All of their items, which are primarily based on their denim models, are completely made in Japan with original fabrics, stitching, and processing all made and conducted in their domestic factories. In addition to their high quality techniques, the brand pays special attention to the texture of their fabrics and beautiful ageing. Today, the brand has received the support of fans not only in Japan but throughout the world as well.


At year 1993, FULLCOUNT started from creating one pair of denim jeans. This is the only clothing when you wear the denim jeans like a refraction of your lifestyle on to the denim jeans as it mirror does. We are aiming to make our denim jeans people want to wear them that we create all thought of materials which is fabric, sewing threads, the way of dyeing and sewing. Our denim might be a everyday wear, that is because we care about our quality of garments. This is the reason why we care about our denim jeans quality. In these days this will effect to all other our products not just denim jeans.


In continuous production since 1920 the Dehen knitting mills are still producing high quality knitted garments for sports teams and rugged individuals wo trust American wool, from American sheep, spun and kitted in America. The company’s recent 1920 range celebrates the historic use of knitting in motorcycle apparel of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and there’s a further range of all American car coasts and stadium jackets.

Vintage Works

A belt is more than just leather and like all simple products the making of the best is an art form. Here you see the result of many years of research and development in leather tanning and cutting as well as the casing of buckles and trimmings. You were one of these your entire life and it becomes the extension of your personality.


A Wesco boot looks like it comes out a historical context and belongs in the ancient mines and on hard won logging routes of the American West and it does. Stated in Michigan in 1918 the founder John Henry soon moved the company to rural Oregon, where foot protection was in great demand. Since then they have concentrated on their core values of strength and usability. They are well known of the boots for motorcyclists.
This is because of their elaborated treats of custom order for their customer’s lifestyle and offers their own after-care service radically. The very American classic.

Stevenson Overalls Co.

The co-founder, the rare vintage collector, Zip Stevenson and Mr. Tagaya relaunched this brand from their encounter. They aimed to redevelop the process of creating jeans with a “flat felled seam” that are constructed with sewing methods used before 1920’s. The reason they keep using this unconventional sewing method is that they value the original taste from hand made that has been consistent from the time of the original brand establishment. Their varieties in collections are created with inspiration from vintage clothes for this modern time. They keep pursuing the design and details which is “modern but universal, nostalgic and new, and vintage style”.


In continuous production since 1920 the Dehen knitting mills are still producing high quality knitted garments for sports teams and rugged individuals wo trust American wool, from American sheep, spun and kitted in America. The company’s recent 1920 range celebrates the historic use of knitting in motorcycle apparel of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and there’s a further range of all American car coasts and stadium jackets.

White’s Boots

Since starting the company in 1915, Otto White’s desire was always to “make the world’s best hand-sewn work boots”. An ambition that is reflected in superb quality of White’s boots today. Still made by a craftsman at a bench and last this a life-time commitment to your feet and personal style. Offering a range of traditional American boots and shoes that look correct whether you drive a Model-T or a Prius. This is American heritage at its best.


The brand name is very well known as a biker’s leather jacket since they have launched their brand ‘Lewis Leathers’ located in London. They have keep producing their own original leather jacket for all bikers and young rockers in London during the time of “Café Racer’s ”by the 60’s with the “Rocker’s” culture booming. The leather jacket from “Lewis Leathers” used with selected premium cow leather which has a uniform thickness of it, had found its unique place as a part of Great British style in London.


With a concept of creating the “ultimate basic”, BURGUS PLUS bases their designs on the denim, work, military, and vintage wear that exists in American culture while incorporating their own unique sense and ideas. Although their designs are simple, the brand pays close attention to the materials, parts, and patterns to create items that resemble those of past eras. The brand’s mission to pursue the “ultimate basic” of universally loved designs is and will continue to be preserved.


Since the Second World War there has been a tradition that the American military, stationed in the Far East, have worn various styles of souvenir clothing that associated them with a certain time, place, campaign or tour of duty. Perhaps the most interesting and elaborate is the Sukajan jacket that mixes skills in silk in silk sewing with high levels of embroidery knowledge. In the 1950s Kosho-Shokai(later to become Toyo Enterprise) had 95% of the market supplying to US bases with this item and has continued in production ever since. This is not a fashion but a long-term commitment style.


The start of Pherrow’s was making a duplication of nylon fabric U.S.A.F. flight jacket “L-2A test sample” in 1991. Pherrow’s creates products in timeless style, high quality and their products will be like “looks like vintage clothing of 10-20 years time”. Not only their products are based on vintage clothing details and style, but also they create original detailing and modern silhouette. Pherrow’s is supposed by many different generations, because everyone who wears their products for this season, as Pherrow’s is making 25 years anniversary in 2016.


If you are looking for exacting detail and a selection of the very best in replica military wear, then look no further. After over 20 years in business, Buzz is still making the best, originally making only flight jackets the product range has grown and now includes every branch of the military as well as clothing from mid-century civilian life. What makes this brand special is not only the quality of make but the curated selection of historical apparel that looks so good on the street today.


Since the 1920s the design and production of the Hawaiian ‘aloha’ shirt has been acknowledge as an art form that joins modern American casual fashion with traditional Hawaiian style. The height of the demand for such products was during the 1950s when the Tiki-style craze also swept America. As the production of the aloha shirt needs high levels of knowledge of silk and rayon printing and sewing many were supplied by Japan and in particular the Kosho-Shokai company. In1965 this became the now famous Toyo Enterprise and during the 1970s, with a new focus on Hawaii and surfing, the Sunsurf brand of historic aloha shirts were born.


A true pioneer of American style in Japan, Sugar Cane, supplied US military personnel during the Vietnam War and then, when hostilities were over in 1975, switched production to civilian clothing for the home market. Since then the brand has become world renowned for its beautifully made denim and workwear with a indisputable American theme.


MFSC is collaboration between Sugar Cane and Mister Freedom, a Los Angeles based brand led by designer and vintage fashion expert Christophe Loiron. The concept of each collection and its storyline are outlined by Christophe, and then painstakingly developed into products. Every season, new textiles and original patterns are developed according to the historical background of the story. Hardware is carefully chosen and rare dead-stock parts often used, creating timeless masterpieces.


Addict Clothes started as a British vintage leather jacket store and they have dealt with more than 2000 leather jackets since its opening. They have started original leather jacket brand called Addict Clothes in 2010, based on the concept of “NEW VINTAGE”. Their products include classic British leather jackets, oiled cotton jackets, and Engineer boots. All these products are made in Japan, utilizing only Japanese hardware and original leather. They also create original “Endbox” zipper tapes for jackets. The store is well known for providing repair services for old vintage, especially 20s-60s British motorcycle.


Founded in Okayama Prefecture, Kojima could be called the holy city of denim and jeans and this is the home of Japan Blue. Set at the epicenter of world denim culture the brand makes fine jeans from 100% Ivory Coast cotton, said to be the “Most original species of cotton”. They pride themselves on their indigo dying process and a range of unique washes. They also make chinos and cords in a variety of contemporary styles.


YKK’s Old American® is a vintage-style zipper reproduced from the American classic zippers used during the 1940-1950s. Featuring classic details such as herringbone cotton tape, pressed metal sliders, and asymmetrical channel-shaped and U-shaped fasteners, the zippers have been carefully reproduced while adding some of the latest YKK technologies. The “UNIVERSAL” logo engraved on the handle is a nod to the Universal Fastener Company, which was established in 1894.

Sturdy Luggage Supply

Sturdy Luggage Supply carries original clothing items, bags, and leather products that have been inspired by outdoor, military, Western, and workwear designs. Their items are known for being rugged and durable yet light and functional. All of their products are made by hand in their own factory, creating high quality products by carefully selecting vegetable tanner leather and high-end wool and canvas.


WAREHOUSE’s brand theme is to “faithfully reproduce vintage items”. The brand carries a lineup consisting of workwear and sweatshirts, but they are best known for their perfect reproduction of vintage denim models. By breaking down and researching old vintage denim and using an original fabric called “banner denim”, which combines three types of American cotton, their denim models feature details of their original counterparts. Thanks to their quality, they have become a favorite of both denim and vintage fans.


GLAD HAND’s source of inspiration, the “traditional American” style, culture, and fashion scene, which many people have looked up to growing up, have been incorporated into their items. Instead of simply inserting vintage details and reproducing items, the brand creates unique designs to create universally loved garments. While their items feature rugged designs, the textures and silhouettes have been carefully created to fit modern styles. Without being swayed by trends, GLAD HAND’s items can be considered garments for men that can withstand the test of time.