Bobby Green is constantly surrounded by vintage items, especially his favorite hot rods, and operates his own private garage, the “OLD CROW SPEED SHOP”. Mr. Green’s personal collection of vintage wear are reconstructed into new and original items by Mr. Koda of GLAD HAND, who blends their individual styles into one.


Conducting extensive research on American military wear used during World War II, THE REAL McCOY's carefully reproduces every detail, from fabrics to construction and designs of the original items. The brand utilizes the highest quality materials for their leather jackets specifically, and continues to receive high acclaim from fans throughout the world for their constant pursuit of “authenticity”.


Schott originally started as a raincoat store in 1913 by brothers Irving and Jack Schott in New York. Eventually, they developed a motorcycle jacket with a front zipper and grew into the iconic brand that has been long beloved by famous musicians and motorcyclists.


Founded in 1933 in Detroit as a motorcycle accessory brand, BUCO developed a horsehide leather brand during the 1950s, which has now become a legendary model today. The iconic model has been reproduced by THE REAL McCOY’s, and its legendary status continues to be passed down from generation to generation.


FIRST-ARROW’s uses symbols such as the sun, arrows, and arabesque patterns that are common
in Native American culture to create unique handmade silver accessories. The subtle details and designs that can be found in each of their items showcase the quality of their handmade techniques.

pure blue japan 

As the brand name suggests, pure blue japan focuses primarily on indigo blue products and carries a wide range of items including denim, cut and sewn shirts, and other yarn-dyed indigo products.
The Okayama-based brand utilizes original fabrics and beautiful stitching techniques to create their items, which fade beautifully the more they are worn. For anyone wanting to step into the world of indigo products, we highly recommend starting with pure blue japan.


Jeans one of the only clothing items that can reflect the lifestyle of the person wearing them, and based on the concept of creating the ultimate everyday wear, FULLCOUNT began by creating a single pair of jeans in 1993. Even after more than 25 years, the brand's philosophy of creating jeans that are both comfortable and feature unique textures remains the same.


LFC was founded by Joe Dan Lowry, one of the world's leading turquoise collectors.
Lowry, who owns and operates his own museum, carefully hand-selects each piece of turquoise and incorporates them into traditional accessory designs to convey the true beauty of authentic turquoise. LFC’s women’s line, LFC ARANCK, will be joining the brand’s 2018 spring and summer collection.

Dehen 1920  

In continuous production since 1920 the Dehen knitting mills are still producing high quality knitted garments for sports teams and rugged individuals who trust American wool, from American sheep, spun and knitted in America.
The company’s recent 1920 range celebrates the historic use of knitting in motorcycle apparel of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and there’s a further range of all American car coats and stadium jackets.


John Gluckow, who is based out of the East Coast in the United States, is known as one of the country's leading vintage dealers. Building upon the functional components of his special items and the deep history of American clothing, he continues to create stylish men's wear through a modern filter based on the concept of “old and new.”


In 1905, Charles Beckman opened a small shoe factory in Minnesota to pursue the ideal pair of shoes, which eventually grew to become the “Red Wing Shoe Company”. Today, the brand has grown into a household workbook brand name not only in the United States but throughout the world as well, but their basic manufacturing concepts remain the same as during their humble beginnings.

Stevenson Overalls Co. 

The co-founder, the rare vintage collector, Zip Stevenson and Mr. Tagaya relaunched this brand from their encounter. They aimed to redevelop the process of creating jeans with a “flat felled seam” that are constructed with sewing methods used before 1920’s. The reason they keep using this unconventional sewing method is that they value the original taste from hand made that has been consistent from the time of the original brand establishment. Their varieties in collections are created with inspiration from vintage clothes for this modern time. They keep pursuing the design and details which is “modern but universal, nostalgic and new, and vintage style”.


In continuous production since 1920 the Dehen knitting mills are still producing high quality knitted garments for sports teams and rugged individuals wo trust American wool, from American sheep, spun and kitted in America. The company’s recent 1920 range celebrates the historic use of knitting in motorcycle apparel of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and there’s a further range of all American car coasts and stadium jackets.


Established in 2015, KIGO is a factory brand operated by Takayuki Uchiyama, who has also been involved in the direction and production of various brands. The brand name was derived from the Japanese name “kigo”, which means “seasonal words” and “symbols”, based on the brand’s manufacturing methods that are unique to Japan, a country that is well-known for having four seasons.
All of their products are made with bull hide, and are known for their rugged yet original designs.


O’DOUDS is an apothecary based in Brooklyn, New York, a leading area of the world’s barbershop culture. Based on their motto of creating functional and environmentally friendly products, their all-natural grooming goods are gaining support from around the world.


Based on the brand concept of “the ultimate basic”, BURGUS PLUS produces workwear, military, and vintage items that existed in traditional American culture. Their basic and universal styles, which are not swayed by new trends, possess the quality and designs that will be appreciated by fans in any generation.


The roots of the “souvenir jacket” can be traced back to jackets with various Oriental designs such as tigers, eagles,and dragons embroidered onto them that were ordered by American soldiers stationed in Japan as souvenirs to bring back home. Later, the souvenir jacket was officially commercialized and sold in stores near the bases. At the time, Kosho & Co., the predecessor of Toyo Enterprise, produced the majority of the souvenir jackets for over half a century. Although they have become a trendy item in recent years, “Tailor Toyo” continues to manufacture as a special cultural item.


The start of Pherrow’s was making a duplication of nylon fabric U.S.A.F. flight jacket “L-2A test sample” in 1991. Pherrow’s creates products in timeless style, high quality and their products will be like “looks like vintage clothing of 10-20 years time”. Not only their products are based on vintage clothing details and style, but also they create original detailing and modern silhouette. Pherrow’s is supposed by many different generations, because everyone who wears their products for this season, as Pherrow’s is making 25 years anniversary in 2016.


In terms of functionality, materials, and production techniques, “flight jackets” are positioned as the highest level garments among all clothing items. Through countless trial and error and vast development costs to provide safety for pilots, the ultimate uniform was developed.
The innovation and rationality that is combined to make flight clothing continues to provide an impact on everyday fashion items today. Buzz Rickson's was established in 1993 as a brand that pursued the history of flight jackets. Based on the military specifications of the times, every detail of the flight jackets, from the spinning of the yarn, to the selection of materials, parts, and the overall design has been reproduced with the highest level of craftsmanship.


In the 1950s, during the peak of the popularity of Aloha shirts, Kosho & Co., which was in the import and export business, introduced Aloha shirts as well as souvenir jackets to American military bases. During the 1970s, the company created “Sun Surf” a specialized Aloha shirt brand. The Aloha shirts were made during its golden ages between the 1930s to the 1950s, which are extremely rare and valuable today. In order to please their fans, the brand continues to reproduce these vintage shirts, paying attention to every little detail, down to the fabrics and prints.


SUGAR CANE was the first Japanese clothing brand specifically geared towards the American market. Wi th America's entry into the Vietnam War, SUGAR CANE’s parent company, Toyo Enterprise was established in 1965 as a supplier for US soldiers based in Japan. Af ter the end of the Vietnam War, it transformed into a domestic clothing manufacturing company, and was renamed to SUGAR CANE by an officer that was stationed at the base. From then, the brand has continued to create workwear garments, primarily using denim fabrics, a symbol of American fashion.


A Los Angeles based brand led by designer and vintage fashion expert Christophe Loiron. The concept of each collection and its storyline are outlined by Christophe, and then painstakingly developed into products. Every season, new textiles and original patterns are developed according to the historical background of the story. Hardware is carefully chosen and rare dead-stock parts often used, creating timeless masterpieces.


Based on the concept of “exploring the possibilities of horsehide,” FINE CREEK LEATHERS is a new up-and-coming clothing brand that exclusively uses horsehide to make their products. Inspired by American vintage details, the brand modifies patterns and silhouettes to create completely original and high quality horsehide leather jackets. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are true “truth seekers of horsehide.”


M. MOWBRAY is a shoe care brand that continues to preserve traditional European shoe cream manufacturing methods and quality. Their products, made by experienced craftsmen in an old factory in the Toscana region of Italy, are widely popular among professional shoe factories, shoe brands and shoe lovers.


MUSTANG PASTE produces leather oils inspired by rough and simple retro American styling. Their natural horse oil, specially made for hard leather, offers superb permeability and is essential for maintaining vintage leather items.

G&F Co. 

Inspired by the designs of vintage products, G&F Co. offers a new line of originally arranged classic items based on the theme, “NEW CLASSIC.” Focusing primarily on knitwear, you can see the playful details and expert Japanese craftsmanship incorporated into their designs.


Based on the theme of carefully reproducing vintage wear, WAREHOUSE continues to research every little aspect of vintage items, from the fabrics to the stitching techniques. Like authentic vintage items, the more you wear the brand's items, the more they age and fade. The reason why the items reproduced by WAREHOUSE are so popular among vintage fans is in their attention to detail and authenticity.


Preserving the styles and tastes of traditional American culture and using fabrics that belonged to earlier generations while not being tied down to the genre of vintage styles is one of GLAD HAND’s brand concepts. By adding original elements to products that have existed from before, they are able to offer something completely new and unique.